AETHOZOL Inhalation Therapy

The renowned Ozone Pioneer, the late William Turska, N.D., had used Ozone Therapy as a Healing Practitioner for 50+ years, having reported SUCCESSFULLY treating Lung Cancer Patients, using a Method of Ozone Inhalation, which using LOW Doses, does NOT IRRITATE the Lungs and which he had found to be VERY BENEFICIAL to the ENTIRE Pulmonary System and Heart. PURE Oxygen is used as the Input Gas through a Medical Ozone Generator. A LOW Concentration of Ozone (O3) is used at a Flow Rate of .25 to 1 liter per minute. A Humidifier or Nebulizer is filled with Olive Oil. One can either DIRECTLY inhale from the Humidifier or Nebulizer Output or, if preferred, the Humidifier Output may be connected with Tubing to an Oxygen Mask or Nasal Cannula Tubes, which are inserted DIRECTLY into the Nostrils. The Ozone/Oxygen Mixture is then inhaled for several minutes, or as LONG as the Doctor determines, depending on how well the Therapy is tolerated. Dr. Turska used ONLY .5 to 2 mcg./ml. for 15 minutes to 1 hour, once or twice per day as NEEDED. Others have used Concentrations several times HIGHER, but for a SHORTER duration. However, at ANY sign of DISCOMFORT or IRRITATION, the Treatment Session was TERMINATED. If the Patient has a propensity to nosebleeds, the INCREASE in Circulation caused by the Ozone may ACTIVATE this Condition, if used in TOO HIGH of a Concentration. Under ANY circumstances did he use his Method WITHOUT Oil, or at HIGH Concentrations!

The Olive Oil, which becomes HIGHLY-charged with Ozone, was bottled and given to the Patient for later use as a Massage Oil, since the Skin adsorbs a SURPRISING amount of Ozone DIRECTLY into the Blood. For LONG-term storage, this Ozonated Olive Oil was refrigerated to PRESERVE potency. Dr. Turska reported that the Ozone is chemically CHANGED into a Terpene Vapor (C10H10O3), which he called, AETHOZOL, and that forms of Oxygen as HIGH as (O8), which he claimed were VERY EFFECTIVE in the Treatment of Cancer and Syphillis, are EASIER for the DELICATE Lung Tissue to assimilate than Ozone (O3). Dr. Turska would sometimes add Pine Needle Oil or a mixture of Pine Needle, Eucalyptus and Thyme Oils into the Olive Oil also.

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