Research done by Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, showed that Tumors REDUCED in Size and EVEN DISSOLVED, when exposed to Negative Polarity (NorthPole) Magnetic Energy. Negative Polarity Magnetic Energy has been used on Injuries and Chronic Conditions to RELIEVE Pain, SPEED Healing, and INDUCE DEEP Sleep WITHOUT ANY side effects! To CORRECT General Bio-Polarity Imbalances, LARGE Magnets can be placed under each Foot while sitting, Negative Polarity towards the Body on the Left and Positive Polarity on the Right.
Using Stacked Biomagnets provides MORE Penetration and GREATER Strength; this is particularly desirable with FRESH Injuries, ACUTE Problems, SEVERE Pain, and ARRESTING Growths! Two Biomagnets of the SAME Size and Strength INCREASE the Energy Output times two, three Biomagnets times three, etc. To stack Biomagnets, place the Negative Side of one Biomagnet to the Positive Side of another.

NOTE: When using LARGE Biomagnets, take CARE NOT to get your Fingers TRAPPED or Skin PINCHED!

North Pole/Negative (-) Polarity: South Pole/Positive (+) Polarity:
Attracts Oxygen into Cells
Causes Muscular Contraction
Promotes Normal Fluid Elimination
Encourages DEEP Restorative Sleep
Inhibits Infection
Enhances Biological Healing
Diminishes Congestion
Reduces Inflammation
Relieves Pain
Diminishes Cholesterol, Triglyceride,
etc., Build-Up in Arteries
Dissolves Fatty and Calcium Deposits
Promotes Mental Acuity
Reduces Behavioral Problems
Neutralizes Acid of Insect Bites and Stings
Normalizes pH with Alkaline Response
Reduces Cellular Oxygen
Calms Muscular Spasms and Cramps
Increases Intracellular Water Retention
Stimulates Wakefulness
Accelerates Microbial Growth
Inhibits Biological Healing
Heightens Congestion
Can Increase Inflammation
Intensifies Pain
Stimulates Positive Material Build-Up in Arteries
Encourages Fatty and Calcium Deposits
Causes Hyperactivity
Enhances Behavioral Problems
Promotes Discomfort from Insect Bites and Stings
Overly Acidic Metabolic Response

NOTE: The South Pole Energy is used (5-10min.) for: Under-active (hypo-active) Glands: such as Adrenal, Thyroid, Pancreas. To NEUTRALIZE Stomach Acids.
Especially IMPORTANT: Used as part of PROPER Polarity Treatment for: Bone Fractures and Cartilage Repair.
Please follow the South Pole with the SAME amount of time utilizing the North Pole Energy of the Magnet, that's being used.

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Revised 6/17/11