Polarity Identification:
The Magnetic Polarity of solid-state unipole Magnets should be the SAME as the Earth's Magnetic Poles. Therefore, a North-seeking Compass Needle or a North-seeking end of a Bar Magnet are identified as South Pole Magnets. This CORRECT Biophysics Magnetic Polarity Identification is in CONTRAST to the Traditional and Industrial Identification, which has INCORRECTLY identified the North-seeking Compass Needle and the North-seeking end of a Bar Magnet as being the North Pole.
In other words, the North-indicating pointer of a Compass is a North-seeking Magnet or a South Polarity Magnet. The Pole that it points toward is a North Polarity, NOT a South Polarity.
The designations of Bionorth (-) and Biosouth (+) which are used to describe the Poles of a Magnet are the SAME as those which are used by Biomagnetic Practitioners. The Bionorth (-) Pole of a Magnet will have the SAME Polarity as the Earth's North Pole. Bionorth has been related to helping to DECREASE Pain and Inflammation, and is the most commonly used Magnet Polarity.
Also, remember that Magnetic Poles are always found in pairs. No matter how many times a Permanent Magnet is cut, each piece will have a North and a South Pole. Before using ANY Magnet, the Bionorth (-) or Biosouth (+) Pole Polarity should be FIRST CONFIRMED with a N/S Identifier, Magnetic Compass or another Magnet, which has been tested by either of these first 2 Items and then CORRECTLY labeled.

Precautions & Disclaimer:

If ANY irritation or discomfort occurs, please DISCONTINUE use. If you have a Heart Condition, Circulatory Problem &/or are Pregnant, then please check with your Physician, before using a Magnet. Keep Magnets AWAY from Credit Cards, Magnetic Recording Tapes (Audio & Video), Computer Disks, Hard Drives and Watches. Do NOT use in the presence of a Heart Pacemaker &/or Electrical Implant. Do NOT use on OPEN Sores.

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Revised 6/17/11