Dr. Schulze's Colon Cleansing and Detoxification Program

Digestive System and Colon Health have reached an all-time LOW in the United States! Diseases of the digestive tract are on the RISE! In 1994 the #1 CANCER among Men and Women was Colon Rectal!!
Modern lifestyle has taken its TOLL on our Digestive/Eliminative Organs. Refined, Processed, LOW Fiber Foods, Animal Fats, a LACK of Exercise and an EVER-INCREASING level of stress have ALL contributed to our current Gastrointestinal HEALTH CRISIS!
The frequency at which a NORMAL, Healthy person should MOVE their bowels has been a GREAT misconception among the public and most Medical Professionals. For years, doctors have thought that anywhere between 1 bowel movement a day and 1 a week was NORMAL. In the examination of more primitive peoples, we find that their bowels move much MORE frequently, 2 to 3 times daily on the average! This is due to the fact that these people ate BETTER, got MORE exercise and have much LESS stress! What we have learned is that it is NORMAL to have 1 Bowel Movement a day for EACH meal, that you eat, so that if you eat 3 Meals, then you should have 3 Bowel Movements!
The Merck Manual, the medical industry's standard text for the diagnosis and treatment of disease, tells us that Colon Degeneration is on the RISE! The incidence of Diverticulosis has INCREASED dramatically over the last 40 years! It states, that in 1950, only 10% of adults over the age of 45 had this disease, in 1955 15%, in 1972 30% and in 1987 almost 80%! The latest edition states that the incidence "INCREASES rapidly" over age 40 and that "EVERY person will have MANY" if they live long enough! EVERY American Adult will have Herniation of the LARGE INTESTINE!!
Diverticula are saccular herniations, that protrude through the wall of the colon. These "bowel pockets" are almost always asymptomatic, (you can't feel them). They are caused by a SLUGGISH constipated bowel. These pockets fill with OLD Fecal material which can be REABSORBED back into the Bloodstream! This can infect the ENTIRE body causing ALL types of TOXIC REACTIONS!!
A SLUGGISH Bowel can retain pounds of OLD, TOXIC and POISONOUS Fecal matter. Many times the REAL cause behind Sickness and Disease is this Retention and Reabsorption of this TOXIC WASTE!
The FIRST step in everyone's health program should be stimulating, cleaning and toning ALL of the Eliminative Organs, and the Bowel is the BEST place to BEGIN!!

Day #1: Start with ONLY one capsule of Intestinal Formula #1 during or just after dinner. This formula works BEST, when mixed with food.

Day #2: This Morning you should notice an INCREASE in your Bowel action and in the amount of Fecal matter, that you ELIMINATE! The consistency should also be SOFTER. If you do NOT notice ANY difference in your Bowel behavior TODAY or the difference wasn't DRAMATIC, then tonight INCREASE your dosage to two capsules. You can continue to INCREASE your dosage EVERY Evening by one capsule until you notice a DRAMATIC difference in the way your Bowel works. It has taken most of us years to create a SLUGGISH Bowel, so let's be PATIENT for a few days and INCREASE by one capsule EACH day ONLY!

By the end of the FIRST week, you should know, what your dosage is. If NOT, then REMAIN on this formula ALONE for an ADDITIONAL week to get regulated before you go on to the NEXT step.

Week #2: At the beginning of week two is when we begin to start the Intestinal Formula #2. We will take this formula 5 times each day beginning in the morning. 1 hour after your morning nutritional drink, mix 1 heaping teaspoon of Intestinal Formula #2 powder with 8 oz. of diluted juice. It mixes BEST, if you shake it in a SMALL jar. Do the same 1/2 hour before lunch, between lunch and dinner, 1/2 hour before dinner and 1 hour before bed, so that you are consuming a TOTAL of 5 heaping teaspoons EACH day.

During or after dinner, take your Intestinal Formula #1 as usual, but INCREASE the dosage, that you discovered the FIRST week by 1 ADDITIONAL pill. If you feel a bit bound by Formula #2, you can INCREASE your dosage of Formula #1 even MORE!
NOTE: It is helpful to drink ADDTIONAL liquid after EACH dose of Intestinal Formula #2, at least 8 MORE oz. Drink plenty of Pure Water, Herb Teas and DILUTED Fruit and Vegetable Juices during this 2 week Colon Cleanse. A GOOD amount is between 64 and 128 oz. of liquid EACH day. This makes the program MORE EFFECTIVE!!

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