How to Give Yourself a High Enema
Tom Harrelson


  1. Fill 1 quart Glass Jar half full with cool, filtered water.
  2. Heat up some filtered water on the Stove. (Don't use hot water from tap.) Add to cool water till reaches Body temperature.
  3. Add Herbs(see above).
  4. Fill your Fountain Syringe bag 1 quart at a time. (Make sure clamp is closed before filling.)
  5. Lay in Bathtub on back. Open clamp to allow Enema Solution to just start to flow out; shut clamp. (This ensures no Air is in the tubing before inserting Rectal Catheter.) After lubricating Rectal Catheter, insert into Rectum.
  6. Open clamp and allow Enema Solution to enter slowly. Close clamp when feel pressure at Rectum. Massage Enema Solution further up into the Colon from left to right.
  7. Turn on right side. Open clamp again, allow Enema Solution to enter slowly. Massage Colon as the Solution enters. Close clamp, when feel pressure at rectum.
  8. Stay on side until you feel the urge to release. After releasing, continue refilling colon with Enema Solution until finished.
  9. Raise knees above Rectum by placing small Stool or Pillow under our feet, while on the toilet. Massaging Colon from right to left promotes better releasing when on the Toilet.
  10. When finished releasing, rinse your Fountain Syringe bag with water, allowing the water to drain out of the tubing. Wash Rectal Catheter well with soap and water, after removing it from tubing. Store Rectal Catheter in a clean container for future use.
  11. It is a good idea to smell your Fountain Syringe bag prior to each use to detect any bacterial contamination. If detected, soak in 3-5% Solution of Hydrogen Peroxide (Food Grade) for at least 30 minutes. This can be used as a preventative measure as well. Then rinse well with water. Remember to rinse with lots of water after cleansing your Fountain Syringe bag.

NOTE: Fountain Syringe bags are open in the rear, rather than in the front, and this makes refilling EASIER than a regular Enema Bag. Please obtain your Fountain Syringe bag at your Local Drug Store or from

NOTE: Enemas can be used daily, when cleansing or detoxifying and then as needed. It takes a long time to rid the Colon of a lifetime of WASTE! Using oral Bulk Fiber Cleansers, such as Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula No. 1 will ensure that your Colon is getting a good workout and increasing its Muscle Tone, rather than becoming dependent on Enemas. Also, increasing whole grains, vegetables & legumes in your diet will increase fiber intake.
If you're dealing with a spastic colon, then add 2-4 Dropperfuls (30-40 Drops per dropperful) of Lobelia Seed Pod Tincture to each quart of Water.
If you're interested in POWERFUL Colon Cleansing, then you'll want to do Ozonated Water Enemas.

Revised 10/23/12