Dr. Richard Schulze's Personal Cold & Flu Blaster

To PROTECT myself in the Clinic, I NEEDED to develop Routines FAR BEYOND what the NORMAL Person NEEDS, because when Cold and Influenza Season HIT, I had to take CARE of my Patients and STAY on my Feet. One of the ways, I STAYED HEALTHY even during the PEAK of Cold and Flu Season was this Herbal Drink. Eventually, my SPECIAL and PERSONAL Routines ended up being the FAVORITES of my Patients, too. One such Routine was what I called my Cold & Flu Blaster.

In a SMALL Glass:

NOTE: If you are REALLY CRAZY, like me, add 1 Dropperful of my Anti-Infection Formula and NOW you've got a Drink, that will KILL even the STRONGEST Bacteria, Virus or PLAGUE!.

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Revised 7/6/12