Dr. Schulze's Comments About Depression

The first things, that you have to think about when you have Depression is getting MORE Blood and Oxygen to the Brain and getting RID of the Waste. Massage the Head, when a Person has Depression. It INCREASES the Circulation. When you're trying to get MORE Blood to your Head, you could spend a whole hour of Body- work, someone just stretching and kneading your Ears, your Jaw, your Nose, your Eyes, and massaging your Scalp and Neck. What do we always do when we're under stress and we're depressed? I would always see my Patients put their Hands right to their Head. You know, their Hands will go right to their Forehead. They sink their Face into their hands like, "Oh God, why me?" They grab their Forehead, their Eyes, their Nose, their Ears. So, this is where their Hands go. This is what People have to pay attention to. That's an Area that needs to get touched. So, I always add in there, a Scalp Massage, Ear Massage, back of Neck Massage, even Shoulder; ALL of these Areas.

Retirement is the GREAT DEATH Sentence! I've seen more of my Patients go into Depression through retirement than anything else. That's probably the Number ONE Problem for Men I've found in my clinic. They retired and, within a year, we were dealing with a Patient on Prozac.

For Women, it's Menopause. So, with her it was an Endocrine Problem, but it took her into the SAME Symptomatic Depression, that the Woman had with her Toxemia and Thomas had with his Artery Blockage.

Depression is the end result of MANY different Illnesses. Our job is to find out what the heck, that Illness is. So, we started with cleaning his Bowels. And what started coming out was so amazing, from Parasites to old Sausage Casings, to ALL of the things - Mucous - that we heard. We just kept going and the MORE Bowel Cleansing we did, the MORE, that came out. I mean, it was like Pandora's Box. It was quite FRIGHTENING!! This Guy had years' worth of TOXIC build-up stuffed into his Colon to the point, where it was making his Bloodstream so FILTHY, that he went into a Clinical Depression.

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Revised 11/26/07