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Hi! I'm Tom Harrelson and the following paragraphs include my Story of my two RUN-INS with the FDA, involving my WAVEFORMER Frequency Instrument!

My FIRST RUN-IN with the FDA occurred back in 1987, when I was retrofitting the B&K Model Nos. 3011, 3011A & 3011B Function Generator (off-the-shelf test instrument) for about 2 yrs., and which was being used as a Rife-Type Frequency Instrument, that I had called, "WAVEFORMER Frequency Instrument".

I have a background as a Bio-Medical Electronics Technician, and back in the early 60s, I designed and built what I called, "Electro-Biophysiological Pulse Generator" (TENS Unit), plus an Electronic Stethoscope, before they were even AVAILABLE on the market. I didn't have the Money then to get them patented, and so I LOST-OUT later, when they were patented and manufactured by two different Biomedical Electronics Cos..

Anyhow, I was selling MOST of my WAVEFORMER Frequency Instruments through an Amish Herbalist, who was shipping them ALL over the U.S.. Shortly afterwards, I heard stories about the VERY SUCCESSFUL Results, that SERIOUSLY-ILL People were receiving, after using their WAVEFORMER Frequency Instruments, but that was also about the time that their WAVEFORMER Frequency Instruments began to FAIL! Little did I know, that these People had gotten SO EXCITED with the INCREDIBLE Results, which they and others had received, that their WAVEFORMER Frequency Instruments were being used 8 or MORE hours per day NON-STOP by Friends, Relatives, Neighbors and EVEN Strangers! And since these Function Generators, which I had retrofitted, were ONLY designed to operate about 3-4 hours per day (maximum), their WAVEFORMER Frequency Instruments were FAILING and they returned them to me for REPAIR under Warranty!

I mounted a Muffin Fan on the Rear Panel of these WAVEFORMER Frequency Instruments, so that the Power Transistors in the Output Stage would get COOLED-DOWN and would NOT get HOT ENOUGH to FAIL. I also wanted to know though, what else that I could do to MODIFY the Output Circuit, since I thought that the Fan might NOT be enough to prevent the Output Transistors from FAILING, if their WAVEFORMER Frequency Instruments were being used for EXTENDED periods of time (8-12 hrs./day)!

After I became DELUGED with 20+ WAVEFORMER Frequency Instruments, I called the Manufacturer (B&K) of the 3011 Function Generator, which I had been HEAVILY retrofitting to make my WAVEFORMER Frequency Instrument. I then asked the Sales Mgr. to talk with the Engineering Dept. about MODIFYING the Output Circuit, so that their 3011 Function Generator could be used for EXTENDED periods of time for a Bio-Medical Application. He told me to call him back, but when I started to call him back that next day, I got a VERY BAD Feeling inside, and I knew then that something was VERY WRONG! SURE enough, when I went ahead and called him, he said to me, "We're NOT going to HELP you with your PROBLEM"! And that's when I asked him, since I sensed his reason for saying what he said, "Is it because of the FDA", and he said, confirming what I had felt inside, "You've got it! Good-Bye!"

On the day before, I had told him, that I was MODIFYING their Model No. 3011 Function Generator for Bio-Medical Use ONLY, but said NOTHING about MODIFYING it to be used as a Rife-Type Frequency Instrument, but apparently he did NOT buy my Story! And NOW he and the FDA had my Name, Address and Phone No., which made me me feel VERY UNEASY! I called a FEW People, whom I knew, who were in, what has become to be known as, the "Alternative Underground", ALL over the U.S. and basically they ALL told me the SAME thing, "Move OUT A.S.A.P.!!" I then moved in with a Friend of mine in a ROUGH area of Town and got a P.O. Box in another area of Town. I was UNEASY, when I would go to the Post Office to pick up my mail, since I didn't know, what was going to happen! I did receive a WARNING in the Mail from the FDA, basically telling me, that they knew what I was doing and to CEASE and DESIST! After that, I received WARNINGS from the FDA ALMOST EVERY week for the next few months, and then it SLOWLY dwindled down to NO WARNINGS by the end of that year. Apparently, I was a SMALL Fish in a BIG Ocean and they decided NOT to throw me to the SHARKS!

I basically STOPPED making my WAVEFORMER Frequency Instrument, and was ONLY doing Repairs and mounting the Muffin Fan on those 20+ WAVEFORMER Frequency Instruments, which had turned out to be the SOLUTION to the OVERHEATING Problem after all, since the Fan was ABLE to keep the Power Transistors in the Output Circuit COOL enough, so that the WAVEFORMER Frequency Instrument could be used up to 12 hrs. per day!

My second RUN-IN with the FDA occurred about 8 years ago, when I was contacted by the FDA and told to REMOVE my Alternative Therapy Devices aka Healing Tools, but especially to REMOVE the BioTec2000 Frequency Instrument from my Website, since it was NOT registered or APPROVED by the FDA. By the way, the BioTec2000 Frequency Instrument brought even FASTER Healing Results to People, who were SERIOUSLLY-ILL, than my WAVEFORMER Frequency Instrument had accomplished!

I do NOT make ANY Medical Claims for these Healing Tools and I say on my Web-Pages, that they are "FOR EXPERIMENTAL USE ONLY". I thought that the FDA would NOT BOTHER me, but that was NOT enough for them! They told me, that I MUST fill out SPECIAL Forms to get their Approval. I later found out that it would take up to 10 years and Millions of Dollars to receive their Approval and that I probably wouldn't even receive their Approval anyhow, since my WAVEFORMER Frequency Instrument and other Healing Tools, which I sell, REALLY WORK, and that they THREATEN the BIGGEST Money-Making Industry/Racket in this Country - the Pharmaceutical Cartel!!

About 8 years ago, my Sub-Dealer, who was a Retiree in a small Town in northern Ohio, had People coming to his home to give themselves Treatments with his BioTec2000 Frequency Instrument and because these People had received such INCREDIBLE Results, this little Town was literally turned UPSIDE DOWN!! When I visited him, just about EVERYWHERE we went, there were People, who came up to him and told him with tears in their eyes, "THANKS" for HELPING to SAVE his/her own, his/her Relative's or his/her Friend's Life!! Each time, that it happened, it was a VERY POWERFULLY MOVING Experience for me to say the VERY LEAST!!

Final Comments

Hopefully, you've been interested ENOUGH in my Story, that you're NOW interested in reading an Article entitled "ROYAL RIFE AND THE FREQUENCY INSTRUMENT". There's also a Book, which goes into DEEP Detail, and is entitled, "The Cancer Cure That Worked - 50 Years Of Suppression" by Barry Lynes. If you're interested in MORE Information online about Royal Raymond Rife and his Frequency Instrument, then please CLICK HERE.

If you are a Layperson or Practitioner, and own and/or use an Alternative Healing Device, such as a Rife-Type Frequency Instrument, you REALLY NEED to "BE PREPARED" to take your Health & Medical Freedoms into your OWN Hands, so please read and print-out the following Web-Pages:

NOTICE AND DECLARATION Of 9th Amendment Rights

I had felt STRONGLY that my two RUN-INS with the F.D.A were the Reason why my Web-Pages had NOT been listed by the MAJOR Search Engines for the past 12+ years and were even taken OFF of the ONLY Search Engine, HotBot, to list them for a SHORT time! And after MUCH PERSISTENCE, I was told by someone off-the-record at HotBot that the FDA had told them NOT to LIST my Web-Pages!!

UPDATE (4/23/01): After MANY People posted my Problems with the F.D.A. on various Bulletin Boards/Lists, the Search Engines have started listing my Website in the past few months and that's WITHOUT me EVEN having to register my Website with them! Hmm.

UPDATE (10/31/04): My ELECTRO-CELLULAR ENERGIZER I™ (formerly known as the BIOENERAY TUBE XL2™ Plasma Tube Unit) was available. Now only my ELECTRO-CELLULAR ENERGIZER II™ (formerly known as the BIOENERAY TUBE XL3™ Plasma Tube Unit) is AVAILABLE! These 2 - Healing Tools are INEXPENSIVE 4th Generation Plasma Tube Units, that radiate a VERY HIGH Electrostatic Field (or a HIGH Electromagnetic Field, if desired/required), thus resulting in the Cells' Voltage Level being RAISED, which INCREASES the Energy of the Body, thus HELPING the Body to HEAL itself MORE EFFICIENTLY!!

UPDATE (5/20/08): I NOW have my own INEXPENSIVE WAVESHAPER™ Frequency Instrument AVAILABLE! It has BOTH Direct-Entry and Manual Tuning and is available to any person, who isn't financially ABLE to purchase the MORE EXPENSIVE Programmable Rife-Type Frequency Instrument such as the BCX ULTRA below!

UPDATE (6/16/08): I NOW sell a commercial-made Rife-Type Frequency Instrument known as the BCX ULTRA! Please CLICK HERE for MORE information.