5-Day Liver/Gall Bladder Cleansing Program
Dr. Richard Schulze

2 Days of a Purifying Raw-Food Program and a 3-Day Juice Fast

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You must complete the 2-week Colon Cleansing Program, using Intestinal Formulae #1 and #2, and CONTINUE taking #1 & #2, while completing this Program.
Alternate this 5-Day Liver/Gall Bladder Cleansing Program with the 5-Day Kidney/Bladder Cleansing Program.

Day 1: Upon arising drink 8 ounces of Distilled Water.

Breakfast: This is a GREAT way to start your day. The Water and FLUSHES your Digestive Tract of ANY leftover Food and Digestive Juices.
Within 1 hour prepare for the following Morning Drink:

Morning Drink (Liver/Gallbladder Flush)
In Spring and Summer, mix in a Blender, 8 ounces of FRESH Orange Juice or a Citrus Juice combination (1 Lemon or 1 Lime and enough Orange, Grapefruit or Tangerine to make 8 ounces).
In Fall and Winter 8 ounces of FRESH Apple and/or Grape Juice

15 minutes after this drink, consume 2 cups of Detox 17-Herb Tea. Consume 2 dropperfuls of Liver/Gallbladder & Anti-Parasite Tonic 4 times DAILY during this cleanse. Take in a few ounces of water. It should be quite BITTER!

Day #1 Breakfast
Live, FRESH Fruit or Vegetable Juice is the BEST way to get your Vitamins, Minerals and other Essential Nutrients. They are also very IMPORTANT for Cleansing and Detoxification. If you are HUNGRY before Lunch time you may have Fruit, DILUTED Fruit Juices, and Fruit Smoothies. STOP ALL Fruit or Fruit juices at least 1 hour BEFORE Lunch. It is BEST, while on this program NOT to MIX Fruit and Vegetables together!

Day #1 Lunch
For Lunch you can have DILUTED FRESH RAW Vegetable Juices, RAW Vegetables alone or in Salads, Sprouts, Potassium Broth, and Herb Teas. You may make Dressings for the Salad if you like using Olive Oil, Avocado, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Onions and any Herbs and Spices.
Afternoon Snacks: RAW Vegetables, RAW Vegetable Salads, DILUTED Vegetable Juices, Sprouts, Potassium Broth and Herb Teas. Vegetable food must be STOPPED by 6 P.M.!

Day #1 Dinner
DILUTED Fruit Juices, Fruits, Fruit Smoothies, Fruit Salads and Herb Teas.

Day #2, #3 and #4 Now we BEGIN the 3 day FAST! Start with your Water, Morning Flush Drink and Herbal Tea. DILUTED Fruit Juices and Herb Tea until noon, DILUTED Vegetable Juices, Potassium Broth and Detox 17-Herb Tea mid-day and afternoon and DILUTED Fruit Juices and Herb Tea again in the evening. Consume at least 1 gallon (128 ounces) of liquid. That is 8 ounces EVERY HOUR! If you get HUNGRY, then DRINK MORE!!

Day #5:
Today is the day to BREAK your Fast! Make this day the same as day #1. Continuation of the Fast with your Morning Flush Drink and then you can have some FRESH Fruit. Chew it very SLOWLY and mix each mouthful with PLENTY of Saliva. Remember, breaking your fast is a very IMPORTANT part of this program! Chew your food WELL and eat until satisfied, NOT FULL! You can always eat MORE later, if you are still hungry. After 1:00 PM you may have a small Vegetable Salad, and Fruit again in the evening, chewing everything to a LIQUID pulp!
Remember, this Program RESTRICTS the types of Food you will be eating, NOT the Amount. If you are HUNGRY at ANY Point during this Detoxification Program, then drink and/or eat MORE! The MORE that you eat and drink, the MORE, that you will FLUSH the Toxins OUT of your Body! Also remember to have a FUN time! Your POSITIVE, Healing Attitude is MOST IMPORTANT to achieve MAXIMUM Benefits out of this Program; be LOVING to yourself! Take it EASY, when returning to a NEW Healthy Food Program. Choose LIGHTER Foods for a few Days and be CAREFUL NOT to OVEREAT! Chew your food WELL! Eating SMALLER Meals MORE often is BETTER than one or two LARGE Meals. Enjoy your NEW set of VALUES on Food Choices and Amounts. For the BEST Health, become a Vegetarian. REPEAT this Program, until you are WELL, but do it at least once EVERY 3 months.

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