Healing Herbs - Toxic Or NOT?
Tom Harrelson

There's PLENTY of MISINFORMATION and DISINFORMATION about GOD's Healing Plants, but the WORST is that some Healing Herbs are TOXIC!!

About 15 years ago, the F.D.A. ISOLATED one constituent from Sassafras, known as Safrole, and gave it to Rats at 1000 times the NORMAL Concentration and because these Rats DIED, they declared Sassafras a TOXIC Plant and made Grocery Stores REMOVE it from their Shelves!!

Apricot Pits contain HIGH amounts of Cyanide, and so we're told that because these Pits contains Cyanide, NOT differentiating whether the Cyanide is ORGANIC or INORGANIC, that Apricot Pits are HIGHLY TOXIC, but in REALITY, the ORGANIC Cyanide in the Apricot Pits is used by your Body to DESTROY Cancer Cells!!

Asparagus contains HIGH amounts of Arsenic, and so we're told that because Asparagus contains Arsenic, NOT differentiating whether the Arsenic is ORGANIC or INORGANIC, that Asparagus is TOXIC, but in REALITY, the ORGANIC Arsenic in the Asparagus is NEEDED by your Heart to be HEALTHY!!

Willow contains HIGH amounts of Salicylic Acid (organic aspirin compound), plus Wintergreen and Birch Oils contain HIGH Amounts of Methyl Salicylate (organic aspirin compound). And so we're told that because these Plants contain these Aspirin compounds, NOT differentiating whether they are ORGANIC or INORGANIC, that these Plants are TOXIC, while in REALITY, the ORGANIC Aspirin compounds, known as Salicylic Acid and Methyl Salicylate, can be used by your Body as a POWERFUL Analgesic WITHOUT the side-effects of the INORGANIC Aspirin compounds (acetylsalicylic acid & ethyl salicylate)!!
NOTE: Wintergreen and Birch Oils are VERY CONCENTRATED Substances, and so they should generally be used EXTERNALLY ONLY and NOT taken INTERNALLY!

Garlic contain HIGH amounts of Sulfur compounds, and so we're told that because Garlic contains Sulfur, NOT differentiating whether the Sulfur compounds are ORGANIC or INORGANIC, that Garlic is TOXIC, but in REALITY, the ORGANIC Sulfur compounds in the Garlic are used by your Body to DETOXIFY and FIGHT disease, especially when the Body is LOW in Oxygen!! The F.D.A. wants to see Garlic taken away from us, but there are TOO MANY People in our Country, who use it both as a Food and as an Herbal Therapy, and so there would be MUCH RESISTANCE to ANY BAN on Garlic!!
NOTE: Garlic is a GREAT chelator of HEAVY Metals and TOXINS, including Arsenic! Also, MOST of the People, who had SURVIVED the GREAT Plagues down through the Centuries, were HEAVY Garlic Eaters! These people, who ESCAPED the Plagues, were MOSTLY Hebrews, having received Garlic as an herbal BLESSING from GOD during their VERY LONG stay in Egypt, before they left with Moses, bringing their Garlic with them!!

The Native Americans used MANY Plants for Healing, and especially for Cancer, obtaining EFFICACIOUS Results, but MANY of these Plants, which include Lobelia, Chapparral, Poke Root, Sassafras and Comfrey, are considered to be TOXIC by the F.D.A.!!

Healing Herbs are NOT TOXIC, but MOST of them are POWERFUL DETOXIFIERS and should be taken in LOW, but STEADY Dosages, when a Person is VERY ILL. So that the Body can BETTER handle the DETOXFICATION, a Person should also do Colon Cleansing, drink Activated Charcoal Powder Slurry, do Skin Brushing and do HOT & COLD Showers.

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Revised 7/3/12