Intranasal Phototherapy Adaptor - Operating Instructions

NOTE: The following Information contains an Alternative Healing Method, that has been found to be EFFECTIVE in HELPING the Body to HEAL various Health Problems. The Intranasal Phototherapy Adaptor is to be used to irradiate the Sinus blood vessels, which are CLOSE to the skin's surface, resulting in FASTER healing results.


1. Unscrew the head with the glass lens on your PHOTON TORCH.

2. Remove the threaded sleeve by pulling it down and off of the shaft of your PHOTON TORCH.

3. Push the Intranasal Phototherapy Adaptor firmly and carefully onto the end of your PHOTON TORCH until it bottoms-out.

4. See the PHOTON TORCH™ - Operating Instructions for BASIC Operation.

5. Move the clear shaft (backward or forward) slightly, until it bottoms-out. Also be sure, that the clear shaft is centered by observing a OPTIMUM light spot with your PHOTON TORCH being powered-up.

6. Insert the clear shaft into the left or right nasal passage carefully, until it bottoms out and feels comfortable.

7. Shine the Red or Blue Light Beam from your PHOTON TORCH™ into the left or right nasal passage for 3-5 minutes - 2 times per day in each of the nostrils.

8. Continue your EXPERIMENTAL Biophoton Light Therapy Intranasal Phototherapy Treatments, until you've achieved the DESIRED Results.
NOTE: If possible, please keep a Log from your Starting Date of your Treatments, using the above Protocol, and let me know about the progress and/or results of your particular Health Problem(s).

Revised 10/26/15