Amazing Facts About OZONE
Tom Harrelson

• is three Atoms of Oxygen (O2 + O1= O3).
• is a POWERFUL form of "Active Oxygen".
• reverts back to Oxygen (O2) within 20 minutes.
• is formed by Lightning and U-V Rays from the Sun.
• is GOD's way of purifying the Air, making it FRESH and CLEAN.
• is a GOD-Given, Natural, Organic, and Environmentally-SAFE Gas.
• is GOD's way of purifying the Water, making it CLEAR and CLEAN.
• has by-products of Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and/or Water.
• is POWERFULLY Reactive and the STRONGEST proven SAFE Oxidizer.
• protects us from the HARMFUL part of the U-V Rays in the Upper Atmosphere.
• is found by Seashores and Waterfalls, plus in the Mountains and Pine Forests.
• is the STRONGEST Natural Algaecide, Bactericide, Fungicide, Parasiticide (i.e. - Giardia
& Cryptosporidium), Protozoazcide and Viricide, known to man, being used for 100+ years with 99% Efficiency.

• is now being used to PURIFY the Municipal
Water Supplies in MAJOR U.S. cities, including Los Angeles,
Fort Worth/Dallas, and Milwaukee, plus 3000+ Cities Worldwide.
• is present in Automobile Exhausts and Smog, thus contributing
significantly to the REDUCTION of the TOXIC Hydrocarbons in these Exhaust
Gases and Smog by oxidizing them into Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Water (H2O).
• is a very misunderstood and under-applied Substance,
that could do MUCH to DECONTAMINATE our Environment and to RELIEVE a
multitude of the Environmental and Medical PROBLEMS, that are afflicting Humanity.

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OZONE Fact Sheet No. 1 - General (Revised 5/26/03)