JOURNAL Of The American Holistic Veterinary
Medical Association
November, 1996 - January, 1997/Vol. 15 No. 4/Page 14


Ozol Detoxification
Joanne Stefanatos, D.V.M.

Every day I see more and more cats and dogs suffering from de-oxygenated blood. It's very obvious, when you collect a blood sample-the blood is dark maroon in color, instead of the cherry red of a healthy animal. Most of these animals also have very unthrifty hair coats-the skin feels greasy, flaky and the fur looks separated. The skin is the largest organ for detoxification, because of it's large surface body area. If the skin isn't washed and scrubbed periodically, the body will not become energetic again. The blood in peripheral tissues, such as in the cephalic vein in the front leg, where we collect blood from, is de-oxygenated. When you collect blood from the jugular vein, it is much more oygenated and healthier in appearance.

For the preservation of health and the prevention of disease, the body needs healthy blood. Many times the blood we collect, that is maroon in color, is high in carbon monoxide and not the usual carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide is an irritant to the nervous system, it destroys hemoglobin and renders the body incapable of resisting toxic influences of vaccinations, viruses and bacteria. It devitalizes the blood. Under-oxygenation of the blood causes anemia, asthma, bronchitis, constipation, low BUN, low SGPT and liver and kidney disorders.

Last summer at the Psychotronics Conference, I purchased an inexpensive *Ozol Machine. This machine converts air into ozone (O3) and then converts ozone into a new peroxide compound for inhlalation purposes. Air is driven through the electrical discharge, wherein it is converted into ozone, which is then passed through glass tubes partly-filled with a volatile oil (depending on the condition, I use tea tree oil, lavender oil or eucalyptus oil). The new gas produced is inhaled, which eases the elimination of waste products by the body. It creates a healthy, oxygenated state of blood. The good thing about Ozol is that it does not irritate mucous membranes as does inhalation of ozone in a free state. With this unit, we are combining the therapeutic effects of essential oil therapy with the beneficial effects of an ozone-like compound. In a human, it takes 30 minutes of inhalation to saturate the blood. In cats and small dogs-5 minutes, medium dogs-10 minutes and large dogs-30 minutes. I have used this unit on a daily basis to energize and detoxify all types of animals, including birds. I especially treat respiratory infection in cats, and asthma and bronchitis in dogs and cats. The results are amazing-instant vitality, improved appetite, elimination of constipation and increased well-being.

I AK (applied kinesiology) test to see which oil the animal needs and then give a treatment with it.

Cats with URD/Pneumonitis: I nebulize the ozol in their cage for 2 hours, after flushing each nostril with aloe vera. For fastest results, you can hold it (nebulizer) up to an animal's nose for 2 minutes a nostril or place it in their mouth.

I leave the ozol unit running in our treatment room all night for our benefit the next day. Every morning we run it in the waiting rooms for 1 hour. I run the ozol unit in the isolation ward for 2 hours.

Testing a blood sample, before ozol treatment and after ozol treatment, shows a remarkable difference in the color and oxygenation of the blood. The owner notices it at home by the increased vitality of the pet.

The above Article has been reprinted with the permission of the Author and the Editor of the "JOURNAL Of The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association".

*The Ozol Machine is now called the VAPOZONE Generator and is the MAIN Component of the NEW VAPOZONE Detox System II.