This Formula detoxifies and stimulates the Prostate Gland.

Make this Formula yourself at home in the form of a Tincture or Tea. The Ingredients are as follows:

4 parts - Saw Palmetto Berry
1 part - Cleavers
1 part - Nettle Root (NOT leaf)
1 part - Thuja Leaf

Use 2 Dropperfuls of the Prostate Tincture 3 times a day and take up to DOUBLE this Dosage. As a Tea, use 1 Teaspoon of Herbs per Cup and drink 6 Cups per day.
NOTE: You can also add Dr. Schulze's Kidney/Bladder Formula Tincture to the above Tea.

Doing Dr. Schulze's COMPLETE "INCURABLES" Program is also HIGHLY recommended.

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Revised 1/7/09