Dr. Richard Schulze's "INCURABLES" Program: Part 1 - Getting Started

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Use "Distilled" or "High-Grade Reverse Osmosis" Water ONLY, for ALL Teas, Enemas, Colonics, etc.

Begin a Juice Fast IMMEDIATELY, using 8-10 ounces of FRESH Juice per hour (1 Gallon/day) for at least 14 days MINIMUM, and 30 days, if you're willing. That's 1 Gallon, 5000 calories, of PURE, RAW, liquid food and nutrition DAILY! After the Fast, then go to RAW Fruits and Vegetables, with LITTLE, being cooked or steamed, while continuing to Juice, along with PLENTY of "SuperFood" and Green Drinks DAILY, ALWAYS doing your Drinks between Meals ONLY!

Castor Oil Packs on and around the afflicted area, or areas, a MINIMUM of 3 nights per week.

A 5 Gallon HIGH Enema EVERY other day, made up of 1/3 part Chaparral, 1/3 part Oregon Grape Root, 1/3 part Red Clover Tea, as a MINIMUM for the FIRST 2-3 weeks. (Very SIMPLE, and is ONLY 7-10 sessions TOTAL.)

Purchase a "Shower Wand" and do a MINIMUM of two (three would be BETTER) HOT & COLD Showers per day, also CONCENTRATING over the afflicted area for a TOTAL of 60 days, then going to a MINIMUM of 1 per day. If the Person is TOO WEAK to stand, then give the Treatment with them lying in the Tub.

One "COLD SHEET Treatment" EVERY 7-10 days for the FIRST 4 months, then going to 2 Treatments per month for the REST of the year.

Drink Cancer/Virus/Immune Tea - 3 tbl. Chaparral, 3 tbl. Red Clover, 2 tbl. Echinacea, 2 tbl. Pau D'Arco, 1 tbl. Lobelia. Bring 3 quarts of PURE Water to a boil, remove from heat, put in the Contents with lid on, and let STEEP till COOL enough to drink. Always STEEP and let COOL with the lid on.

Put 2 dropperfuls of "Black Walnut Tincture" 6 times a day in anything that you are drinking.

ALL "Water" which is consumed is to be in Tea form, and anytime you just want to sip on a simple cup of tea, use "Red Clover" with a VERY SMALL amount of RAW Honey, if desired.

Be sure to get some Exercise. With a walker, or otherwise, move around as MUCH as you can!

For FRESH Oxygen, be SURE to sleep with your Bedroom Window either WIDE OPEN during the Summer, or cracked during the Winter, sleeping and living ONLY in Clothing and Bedding that breathe (100% Cotton, Wool, Linen, Silk, or a combination of 1 of these 4 ONLY!)

The above is WORK, but is also very SIMPLE and will get you started. All you have to do is just begin, so just do it! Follow this Program, and you will be ABSOLUTELY AMAZED!

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