NOTE: RS stands for "Reams said".

AMA Reams strongly felt that the contractual rights of two people to form an agreement whereby one could provide dietary advice to another were protected by the U.S. Constitution. Reams never wavered in his insistence that helping others improve their health was a Biblical mandate ordered by Jesus. Reams stated that he had earned six different doctorates, but because he considered most medical drugs, all radiation, and most surgery harmful to health, he chose not to be a part of the medical establishment. Consequently, Reams was under continual attack by organized medicine (the AMA) and was jailed on various occasions for "violating" various Medical Practice Acts although he steadily proclaimed for all to hear: RS: I am not a medical doctor nor am I posing as one. RS: You have a right to do an analysis. There's no law in the U.S. about doing analysis. But you can be accused of diagnosing and you are not diagnosing at all.
ALGAZIM Norwegian Fjord Kelp (Frucus versiculosus) A modern day supplement marketed by Daily Manufacturing as a replacement for the Algavim suggested by Reams. RS: Made from sea kelp. RS: Give for cataracts. RS: Excellent for brain tumor cases.
ALLERGY In the RBTI paradigm, an allergic substance is any food or drug which, when taken into a certain person's body, causes their numbers to move away from perfect. Please note that this does not apply when the consultant is trying to move a client's numbers to a particular range so as to facilitate increased excretion of unwanted cell debris, salts, or urea.
ALPHABETICAL REFERENCE MANUAL (ARM) A written compilation of comments by Reams he made while teaching classes. This work must be used with caution.
ANION Anions are atoms or molecules with electrons that rotate clockwise when viewed from above. An anion can have an energy value of 1-499 Milhouse Units, with an average value of 250 Milhouse Units.
ANIONIC Above 6.4 pH. Lemon juice, although a dilute form of hydrochloric acid, is considered anionic. See LEMON.
AMMONIA NH4: Toxic byproduct of human metabolism. In the RBTI, the perfect urine value is 3ppm. This is the fruit stimulating form of nitrogen used by plants.
BALANCE All things in moderation. The RBTI is a tool to move one toward the perfect balance point in body AND spirit. Please understand that the RBTI equation requires not too little and not too much in its various parameters. RS: The foods we eat affect our thoughts more than our thoughts affect our diets.
BEDDOE, A. F. A Reams student who went on to become a RBTI health teacher. Beddoe wrote and published both Biologic Ionization as Applied to Human Health and an agricultural counterpart. Reams honored these books as "a stroke of genius" and they are favored by the Reams family. BILE Anionic digestive fluid produced by the liver. Rich in hydrochloric acid.
BRIX A special scale applied to the measurement of carbohydrates in plant sap or, by Reams, urine. Please note that the concentration of almost any liquid can be measured with a Brix refractometer, but only plant sap can be true Brix. All others must be labeled "false" or "apparent" Brix. In plants there is a direct relationship between higher Brix and higher minerals.
CALCIUM(S) Calcium is an element, but Reams repeatedly said, "Calciums" to point out that there are more than a quarter million calcium compounds. Divided into 7 major groups, different calcium compounds can drive the body chemistry in different directions. RS: Our bodies use calciums more than any other substance.
CALCIUM GYPSUM GROUP RS: Calcium lactate is the only type calcium that brings the pH down. The other calciums lift pH up. RS: Do not give calcium lactate when the body is acid. RS: Never give calcium lactate with 6.4 pH or lower. It will aggravate the condition. RS: Never give a person lactate if their urine pH is less than 6.2 and they also are not to have buttermilk or acidophilus.
CALCIUM GLUCONATE A neutral calcium routinely used to keep the calcium reserve adequate.
CALCIUM MAGNESIUM Commonly referred to as dolomite. Although Reams downplayed the role of magnesium (he thought any organism could assimilate all needed Mg from the air), Bob Pike has collected much agricultural data over the years showing where added Mg can help in certain cases. He feels that Reams would re-examine the role of Mg in today's more polluted environment. Dolomite has proved useful in reducing excessive urea levels in the urine.
CALCIUM HYDROXIDE An alkalizing calcium most readily obtained as CAL-II from Daily Mfg. Pure calcium hydroxide is very toxic to life.
CALCIUM CARBONATE Such as in oyster shells and egg shells, is generally oversold to the public. The RBTI requires some of six of the seven calcium types, but does not lead to overdose of any one kind.
CARBO-HYDRATE The total carbohydrate (sugars) in the urine. The RBTI perfect value is 1.5 Brix. Reams was adamant that not everyone could digest all forms of carbohydrate successfully at the same time. Modern RBTI consultants address this by varying the type sweetener used in the lemon water.
CATION Cations are atoms or molecules with electrons that rotate counter-clockwise when viewed from above. A cation can have an energy value of 500-999 Milhouse Units, with an average value of 750 Milhouse Units.
CATIONIC Below 6.4 pH. RS: All foods, with the exception of lemon, are cationic.
CELL DEBRIS Once called albumin, this refers to dead or carcinoma cells cast off in the urine. The perfect RBTI value is .04 million cells per quart of urine (.04M). A high rate of cellular cast off is 4M (4 million cells or 100 times .04M). Although modern RBTI teachers use values like 4M+, 4M++, or 4M+++, there is no evidence that Reams thought such necessary. RS: After all the dead cells get out, a person can gain energy at 3/3 if the other numbers are perfect.
CELL LIFE Reams insisted that every cell in an adult human should be replaced every six months, completely abandoning the outmoded "every 7 years" theory. Cells retained too long by the body because of an insufficient supply of minerals necessary to construct their replacement are labeled carcinoma. RS: Carcinoma cells are not cancer. Cancer cells are dead cells.
C.H.E.M. Christian Health Education Ministries. A Tennessee retreat and teaching group headed by Peter Lewis, who was originally trained by Joseph Manthei. Lewis has limited facilities to help the insulin-dependent. Daily Mfg, a noted RBTI supplement maker, recommends the C.H.E.M. home correspondence course.
DAILY MFG. A supplement maker who worked closely with Reams to develop vitamins & minerals that could buttress and/or turn values toward the perfect RBTI numbers. Many teachers have found other sources, but few agree with each other as to whether quality from alternate sources is as good.
DAVIS, NORD Author of The Curse Causeless Shall Not Come. Davis (1931-1997), a retired IBM employee, became notorious for researching and writing about why the US income tax laws are unlawful. Davis was later identified with "Christian Identity". Davis became a champion of the RBTI and stated in his book that what he was writing might cause him to be convicted of practicing medicine without a license---a prophecy that came true several years later. Curse can be downloaded as a PDF file here.
DEGENERATION Both Beddoe and Manthei have reported that certain pH movements give a general indication of progression leading from health to death.
DIABETES A malfunction of both the pancreas AND liver. You may review some words by Reams on this subject here.
DIET The road to either our recovery or our ruin. A major tenant of the Reams plan is to shift one's diet so that it best supports a steady return to the perfect Reams equation. No one diet can be best for all---you have to adjust for the numbers. This cannot be overemphasized. RS: I cannot understand medical doctors giving drugs to someone and not changing the diet that got them in trouble in the first place.
ENERGY RS: Discover the cause of the loss of energy and its effect on the body and you have the key to recovery. Energy comes from the friction between cations and anions seeking equilibrium.
ENERGY IN/OUT See UREA. Also see a short essay by Rex Harrill.
ENERGY LOSS The RBTI uses chemical tests to determine energy values. Any chemical value deviating from the "perfect" equation denotes an energy loss and concomitant health problem. As noted elsewhere, the perfect RBTI urine pH is 6.4 and the perfect RBTI saliva value is 6.4 pH. Energy falls off drastically when the numbers move in tandem away from 6.4 and the drop can even prove catastrophic if they move away from 6.4 in opposite directions.
ENZYME A catalyst produced by our bodies to facilitate certain chemical reactions. RS: Our livers produce more than six billion different enzymes during our lifetimes.
FOAM Various RBTI teachers point out that "foamy" urine signifies excessive nitrogen. It is ordinarily a sign that one is not drinking adequate distilled water.
FONTENOT, JOANNE Fontenot wrote, No Time To Die, an insider view of the Reams message in operation. Although no longer in print, we were informed some months ago by Reams' granddaughter that Ms. Fontenot is preparing to release the book on the internet so that more people can learn the truth about how the Reams equation, which led Fontenot back to health many years ago, is still fresh today---and still available to those suffering from ill health of whatever name.
FREQUENCY The time required for an electron to circle its molecule. Reams claimed to be able to verify correct diet by knowing the frequency of a plant, animal, or human.
HEALING RANGE The Healing Range is a set of parameters that one should try to stay within when undertaking the RBTI regimen. This range allows the most rapid removal of worn out cells and concurrent rebuilding.
HEART ATTACKS A major tenant of the RBTI is that both angina and pectoris heart attacks are easily preventable by keeping the salts and urea levels in the blood to appropriate levels. Reams constantly reminded anyone who would listen that heart attacks around the world could be blotted out in 30 days if people would just follow the RBTI recommendations.
HYPOGLYCEMIA A blood sugar malfunction. See interview with ACRES USA.
ION I require a term to express those bodies which can pass to the electrodes, or, as they are usually called, the poles. Substances are frequently spoken of as being electro-negative, or electro-positive, according as they go under the supposed influence of a direct attraction to the positive or negative pole. But these terms are much too significant for the use to which I should have to put them; for though the meanings are perhaps right, they are only hypothetical, and may be wrong; and then, through a very imperceptible, but still very dangerous, because continual, influence, they do great injury to science, by contracting and limiting the habitual view of those engaged in pursuing it. I propose to distinguish these bodies by calling those anions which go to the anode of the decomposing body; and those passing to the cathode, cations; and when I have occasion to speak of these together, I shall call them ions. --- Michael Faraday Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, 1834, 124, 79.
IONIZATION Reams taught that human, animal, and plant cells are built by an ionization process completely akin to electroplating methods whereby metals are coated or built up in tanks. RS: Ionization is God's laws putting things together and taking them apart ion by ion.
JESSE, DOUGLAS A Reams student who teaches a process of using homeopathy to guide the body into the perfect Reams health equation. Jesse has a proprietary reserve energy calculation, but it does not yield results consistent with Reams.
KIND Atoms can be arranged into a pattern. Those patterns can be arranged into kinds. RS: You cannot compare one type or fruit or vegetable with another as they are different kinds. People are one kind, in the image of the Creator, and sheep are another kind regardless of how many varieties of sheep there are. I have identified over 16,000 kinds.
KIRBAN, SALEM Kirban stayed at the Interfaith Christian Church Retreat House (Reams' Blue Ridge facility in the mountains of Georgia) in 1976. He conducted taped interviews with Reams and used selected transcriptions as the basis for his book, Health Guide For Survival. Kirban, who also authored many books on the Second Coming, is sometimes faulted because he appears not to have had an adequate scientific background to understand Reams' more technical explanations. However, this writer continues to think that HGFS is the most important single work for helping newcomers get the "big picture". Reams scope and span was so much larger than life that it is often difficult to get properly oriented when being introduced. Please note that Kirban's work is quite one-sided in that he did not venture toward Reams' equally important work in agriculture.
LAXATIVE Reams commented frequently that sticky intestinal coatings could drastically inhibit mineral absorption from either food or supplements. He often suggested colonics, particularly in cases of stubborn high saliva pH. RS: A pear a day will keep the colonics away. Sauerkraut, watercress, beet, and beet tops, okra, are all wonderful laxatives.
LEMON Although apparently acidic in reaction, lemon is the only anionic food according to Reams.
LEMON WATER (Lemonade) 1 part fresh squeezed lemon juice and 9 parts distilled water. Although seemingly simple, lemon water is a major factor in detoxifying and then rebuilding people who are in quite poor health. Anyone with a stubbornly low urine Brix reading is allowed sweetened lemonade. It is best to alternate the sweetener each day between such as molasses, maple syrup, sucanat, or honey. About 1 in 300 people (including Reams himself) are allergic to lemon and RBTI allows Canada Dry Collins Mixer as a passable substitute.
LEUKEMIA RS: Leukemia is a form of cancer of the blood. I have never lost a case to leukemia. Almost all leukemia patients who come here to the Retreat are sent here by medical doctors. Leukemia is nothing more than an inability of the body to accept Vitamin A and can be resolved by changing the body chemistry. However, no two cases are alike.
MANGANESE RS: The element of life: without manganese there would be no life on this planet.
MANTHEI, JOSEPH A Reams student who went on to become a RBTI health teacher. Manthei retired from teaching in 1999 and licensed his copyrighted work, lesson plans, and other materials to RBTI testers and teachers Mike & Su Aberle (Promise Outreach) in Missouri. Potential students may wish to review this explanatory letter brochure sent to the Yahoo RBTI files by Mike and Su.
MARTIN, GARY A Reams student who branched out into his own "Biological Immunity Assay". While he employs the Reams equation and actual test methods, many traditional RBTI people feel that Martin's work is so divergent that it should always be clearly labeled as "not RBTI" to prevent confusion. Martin has a proprietary reserve energy calculation, however it yields results inconsistent with Reams' work.
MICRONAGE (milli, milli-milli) Term used by Reams to help describe the behavior and characteristics of atomic particles.
MILHOUSE UNITS A measure of the functional energy in matter. Reams relied heavily on the milhouse energy scale to explain the RBTI energy calculations. As of this date, no one has produced a traceable history leading back to the mysterious Milhouse. It is possible that the term honors William Milhouse Evans, a physicist who lived from 1831-1898. A "milhouse unit" as used in RBTI means an energy packet of one millionth of one millionth of one millionth...until there is no more and further division is meaningless. Milhouse units are particularly useful to calculate the energy level of minerals and fertilizers.
MINCOL A purified product made from the whitish clay washed from rock phosphate mined in central Florida. The clay was originally thought a waste product and left in huge settling ponds. Northern and Reams found the clay (labeled "soft" rock phosphate) to be extremely rich in assimilable nutrients, many in a colloidal form. The product was first used to create much higher quality peanuts and corn. The refined colloidal faction, Mincol, has been found to be a very useful human supplement. Claimed by all RBTI teachers to be non-toxic in any amount. RS: If you have bone cancer, take Mincol like it is going out of style. RH: Subtract your age from 100 and take 2 Mincol capsules a day for that many years.
NITRATE NO3 (nitrogen oxide) Toxic byproduct of human metabolism. In the RBTI, the perfect urine value is 3ppm. Nitrate is the growth form of nitrogen used by plants. Ingested nitrate is troublesome and dangerous whether it comes from mal-formed foods or groundwater leaching.
NITROGEN An abundant electrolyte necessary to all proteins, but toxic to the body in either the nitrate or ammonia forms. Please note that plants readily utilize both nitrate and ammonia forms. RS: If the worn-out cells are flushed out of the system in no more than three days they do not turn to urea. Urea is undigested protein.
NORTHERN, CHARLES An Alabama digestive disorders physician who become most famous after he retired and was credited by Rex Beach for proving that foods could be grown to much higher quality ranges. That higher quality translated into healthier animals and humans. He worked with Reams to prove the value of soft rock phosphate. The much-quoted (and often misquoted) "Senate Report #264" describes Northern's astounding agricultural and animal research.
NORTHRUP, J. A German professor who taught Reams the frequency of grapes sometime while Reams was in college in about 1930. Reams considered that a key to his later compiling of the frequencies of a quarter million life forms.
OLSZTA, MICHAEL An RBTI teacher employing the Internet to conduct classes for students around the world. After regaining his own health via RBTI, Olszta studied extensively under Dr. Manthei & Dr. Reams. A tireless researcher, Olszta continues to gather compliments for the thoroughness and accuracy of his class lessons.
pH A measure of the relative preponderance of H+ and OH- ions in a solution. In ordinary chemistry, neutral is assigned a value of 7. Values from 0-6.9 are called acid. Values from 7.1 to 14 are considered alkaline. However in the RBTI 6.4 is "neutral," with lower pH values identified as cationic and values higher than 6.4 denoted as anionic. RS: The urine pH & salvia pH denote the lack of calciums, or the resistance between the anions & cations, the anions & anions, cations & cations. This is a key factor in measuring the total amount of energy in our bodies, and is the key factor in the reserve energy, however, it is not the whole key.
pH AVERAGE At least one RBTI teacher employs a pH "average" computed by dividing the sum of saliva pH + saliva pH + urine pH by 3. Although simple math shows extreme variations of pH can all come out with the exact same "average" ph, the teacher feels such a value can be of use as another way of looking at the overall picture.
PHOSPHATE Reams taught that almost all minerals enter the body in phosphate form. In particular, he taught that phosphate of calcium was vital to bone growth and health maintenance.
POTASSIUM An anionic element particularly abundant in the brain. A low urea analysis signifies a need for potassium supplementation.
PIKE, BOB An original Reams student who went on to specialize in supplying the instruments needed for analysis in both the agricultural and human health sides of the RBTI. Pike's company is the major supplier of charts, solutions, meters, reagents, and other tools needed to perform RBTI analysis.
RANGE A division showing how far from perfect any particular RBTI numbers are. There are five Ranges (A, B, C, D, E) with Range A denoted as perfect. Ranges are sometimes mistakenly called zones, but zones are a complex mathematical extension of ranges (see). The various RBTI teachers have been slow to standardize the values assigned to each range. This lack of standardization has hampered the RBTI cause.
RBTI CLASSES Reams "hands on" classes in the U.S.A..
REAMS, CARY A. (1903-1985) Succumbed to a tumor on a shrapnel-ridden mal-functioning pancreas that was never repaired.
REAMS FOUNDATION Although currently existing as little more than a proposed organizational chart, the Reams family has plans to create a foundation to carry Reams' unique discoveries forward to new generations.
REAMS REUNION Held as a supposed one-time event in Kansas City in 2004, there is little doubt that the Reams Reunion will become an annual event drawing together students and teachers from across the USA. An audio recording of the 2004 Reunion can be purchased from Jon Frank.
REFRACTOMETER A handheld optical device for measuring the concentration of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in a solution. A replacement for the hydrometer in all but the most demanding cases. Refractometers are calibrated in Brix or many other scales. Refractometers are also extensively used in agriculture. Much information on refractometers and higher quality food can be found at this location.
RESERVE ENERGY A computed value of the "savings account" side of one's total energy. This is the energy that operates the body's organs as opposed to the "checking account" energy that we use to move or do things. The scale is based on a 20 year old with perfect RBTI numbers rated as 100 and someone literally at death's door rated as 4. Reams is faulted for not adequately teaching RE calculations and great controversy rages today over the proper interpretation. Vendors offer "reserve energy" computer software for as much as $700, but all software tested to date gives inconsistent, even incoherent results. See PH RS: The more your urine pH values jump around, the lower your reserve energy. RS: [Urine pH and saliva pH are key factors in measuring the total amount of energy in our bodies, and are the key factors in the reserve energy, however, they are not the whole key.
SALIVA Output of the salivary glands in the mouth. Reams found that a saliva pH of 6.4 correlated very well with optimum strength of the anionic liver bile.
SALTS The conductivity of the urine. A perfect RBTI value is 6 to 7C, or salt units. This number came about because Reams used a specific dilution method employing a Beckman Solu-Bridge (pictured). Under Reams' supervision, Bob Pike ran a series of tests and found that 688 microsiemens of conductivity equaled one salt unit (C). This was rounded to 700 and modern "SALTS" calculations are arrived at by dividing the urine conductivity by 700, i.e., 4200µs equals 6C and 4900µs equals 7C.
SKOW, DAN A Reams student who went on to specialize in the agricultural side of the RBTI. Skow employs Jon Frank, who is deeply committed to building and maintaining a Reams Archive. Various archived materials are available for purchase.
SPIRITUAL SIDE Although it may appear that the RBTI only addresses chemistry, that is not the case. The RBTI works best for those who have arrived, or are working toward, spiritual calmness and balance. Reams tied the RBTI very firmly to the "Health message as taught by the Bible," but only the small-minded would think RBTI is reserved exclusively to Christians. RS: Hate is the finest cancer seed in the world.
TEACHERS All sciences and healing modalities experience growth and modification---sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. For instance, although a basic tenant of chiropractors is non-use of drugs in principle, it is common knowledge that they have divided into "straight" and "mixed". Similarly, RBTI teachers and practitioners have moved in various directions and no one is sure if it is all for the better.
TERMINAL An implication in standard medical practice that the doctors have "given up on someone". RS: We tested over 24,000 people in 1970-71. Over 10,000 of those came to us as "terminal". We lost five. Those five we couldn't keep alive for 30 days.
TRICALCIUM PHOSPHATE Ca3(PO4)2: A technical product also known as "bone ash."
VITAMIN A Reams considered that vitamin A *availability* was a key to defeating leukemia. However, the availability issue was so complex that he did not consider any two leukemia cases identical.
VITAMIN C Generally, sodium ascorbate. Vitamin C is sometimes used to help adjust the body chemistry downwards when the urine pH is higher than 6.4.
VITAMIN D Vital to making calciums available to an overly-acid system.
VITAMIN E Generally d-alpha tocopherol. "dl" forms are considered unusable by the body. Used as a blood thinner.
VITAMIN K Used as a blood thickener. Avoid E and K at the same time.
VITAMIN P Reams considered vitamin P useful for kidney health.
URINE Reams taught that 6.4 pH urine indicated the best balance of minerals, especially calcium, in the body.
UREA The nitrate and ammonia values added together. The perfect RBTI value is 6 ppm. Although not an RBTI equation factor, the urea reading is quite important. RS: The urea reading has to stay above 12 to show that someone in the healing range is not working too hard, i.e., they're not using up more energy than they are taking in. RS: If the worn-out cells are flushed out of the system in three days they do not turn to urea. Urea is undigested protein.
WATER Reams only recognized steam distilled water as appropriate for healing and maintenance. However, when traveling he suggested one might resort to soda pop as an alternative so as to avoid the dysentery that can be brought on by drinking different raw waters. Since the 1990s, many brands of RO purified water (Dasani, AquaFina, etc.) are easily obtained at almost any market. Common sense says that Reams would today embrace emergency use of such low-conductivity waters even as he rejected high-conductivity "spring" waters.
WATER DRINKING Proper water drinking is a key part of moving one's numbers toward the perfect Reams Equation. Many people are started on a "flushing out" designed to rapidly lower their salt and urea numbers to safer ranges to preclude imminent heart attack. Then, depending on their RBTI numbers, and their dehydrated state, they are given either water, lemonade, or a combination of either to drink at designated intervals. Most people are astonished at how much better they feel when drinking proper water.
WAYCHOFF, CHALLEN A Reams student who went on to become a RBTI health teacher . Waychoff also publishes eBooks and printed materials in addition to his on-site classes in Wheeling WV and other parts of the country.

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