Reams Biological Theory Of Ionization - Resources
Compiled & Edited By Tom Harrelson
Revised 8/17/13

If you're interested in obtaining Testing Equipment for &/or Books on the Reams Biological Theory Of Ionization, please contact:

Pike Agri-Lab Supplies
RR 2 Box 710
Strong, Maine 04983
Phone: 207-684- 5131
Fax: 207-684-5133
Web Page:

If You're Interested In Obtaining MANY Of The Supplements, That Dr. Carey Reams Recommended To Take, Please Contact:
Daily Manufacturing, Inc.
P.O.Box 7
Rockwell, NC 28138
Product Information (800) 782-7326
Order Only Line (800) 868-0700
FAX Line (704) 784-8400
Web Page:

If You're Interested In Finding Classes On &/Or Testers For The Reams Biological Theory Of Ionization, Please Contact:

The National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals
810 S. Buffalo St.
Warsaw, IN 46580
Phone: 800-321-1005
Fax: 574-267-7006
Web Page:

NOTE: Please be SURE though that the Practitioner has been doing RBTI Testing for several years and has been doing it on a REGULAR Basis. In other words, he/she should have PLENTY of Experience doing the RBTI Testing.

If You're Interested In Seeing The REAMS BIOLOGICAL THEORY OF IONIZATION CHART, Which Has MANY Resources, Please Go To:

If You're Interested In Reading MORE Information And Seeing YouTube Videos About Dr. Carey Reams And RBTI (Reams Biological Theory Of Ionization), Then Please Go To (Links I - R: REAMS, DR. CAREY).