Natural Mineral and Vitamin Supplements - The HONEST STORY
A Letter From Dr. Richard Schulze, Formulator Of SuperFood Plus

In my many years as a Nutritional Consultant I have seen many philosophies and products come and go. I have seen the fads, the cure-alls, and the laziness in all of us that wants a pill to replace a sound nutritional program. Nutritional fads can even be dangerous by consuming large amounts of trace elements that we only need in microscopic amounts, or maybe none at all such as the latest toxic fads of silver and chrome. I used to prescribe only the best vitamins and minerals to my patients. I knew that these products were in a base of natural ingredients and herbs, but wondered what the actual vitamins and minerals were made out of, I had assumed food.

All vitamin and mineral supplements currently made are NOT blended foods. In fact most are made from very undesirable, even horrifying substances. If you look on your current bottle of nutrients, it will state that it contains many vitamins, minerals, and a long list of no's like starch, wheat, cellulose, soy, lactose etc. It will even be in a base of herbs, but you will notice that it doesn't state what the actual vitamins and minerals are made from. I can tell you right now no one is grinding up fresh raw vegetables and organic grains to make these pills.

Commercial-Grade vitamin and mineral concentrates are synthesized by the big pharmaceutical and chemical industries from the same starting material that drugs are made from, (coal tar, petroleum products, animal by-products/waste and fecal matter, ground rocks, stones, shells and metal). They are then wholesaled out to the various nutrient manufacturers.The manufacturers are just mixing middlemen. Most of them don't even know how these various vitamins and minerals are made, or from what, nobody asks. Everybody just assumes a vitamin is a vitamin.

After all The United States Pharmacopeia (U.S.P.) states that if a product looks similar under a microscope, or in analysis, that it is the same regardless of what it is made out of. For instance salicylic acid U.S.P. is considered identical whether it comes from wintergreen leaves or by boiling coal in carbolic and sulfuric acids. It also considers glycerin U.S.P. identical, whether it is made from fresh vegetables, toxic minerals or boiled down animal carcasses, cartilage and feet. Does it make a difference to you?

The Vitamins:

Many so called natural vitamins are made from horrible substances. All vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) on the market is made from either ground up toxic cow livers or activated sewage sludge. These cow livers are overloaded with steroids and antibiotics, and the pesticides that the cow assimilates while eating. The sewage sludge is just that, fecal matter. In today's environment of depressed immune diseases I can think of hundreds of reasons that these materials would be a health risk, not benefit. Just because a so-called natural substance, (fecal matter is natural), is high in a particular vitamin, does that also mean it is a good food?

Vitamin A from fish liver juices loaded with toxic PCB's and mercury, B vitamins from coal tar and petro-chemicals, known central nervous system depressants, respiratory irritants and carcinogens, Vitamin C from acid blends irritating to the lining of the digestive tract, Vitamin D from radiated oil, Vitamin E from Eastman Kodak, need I say anymore?

The Minerals:

All minerals used in nutrient manufacture are basically dirt. The iron, calcium, zinc, etc. are just mined ore, pulverized and powdered to a fine dust. This doesn't make it any easier to assimilate. Some calcium is made from ground up oyster shells. This reminds me of when I was a kid watching the Three Stooges fix dinner, they would throw the oysters away and try and chew the shells. We all laughed at them and now we are doing the same thing. Modern research shows us that minerals of this type are 99% inassimilable. The manufacturers response to this is to add pig digestive enzymes, which supposedly pre-digests it or chelates it, in their attempts to force our body to accept this toxic material. Is this practice of chelating minerals really to our benefit or a dangerous act of ignorance?

We are currently entering a new era of nutrition. It is no longer a matter of how many milligrams you take of a particular nutrient, but how much of what you are taking is actually getting into your bloodstream, and the organs that need it. And even more important, what are these vitamins and minerals made from and do they have toxic side effects. If you are like me, and are horrified by this information, then try my SuperFood Plus".

"Let's STOP eating TOXIC Chemicals, Animal WASTE and Rocks and get BACK to eating Food, SuperFood Plus!"

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Revised 7/5/12