APPLICATION: OZOL Inhalation Therapy

If you're VERY ILL, you should follow Steps 1 - 11 COMPLETELY, so that you can obtain EFFICACIOUS Results, when doing OZOL Inhalation Therapy. If and when you're HEALTHY, you can follow Steps 2 - 9 and Step 11/(5), and ELIMINATE Steps 1 & 10. Please be SURE to read the NOTE after the following Steps, which have a NOTE.

1. Take 250 mgs. - Niacin (Nicotinic Acid) on an EMPTY Stomach, thus ensuring an INCREASED saturation of OZONE into your Bloodstream occurs.
NOTE: If you can't take Niacin, because you have a SENSITIVE Stomach or Blood Pressure Problems, then put 8-10 drops of a STRONG Cayenne Pepper Tincture on your Tongue and if it's too HOT, then add it to and drink it with a SMALL amount of Water. Then proceed with Steps 2 - 4, while waiting for INCREASED Blood Circulation.

2. Plug the A.C. Plug on the end of the A.C. Cable, which is connected to your Ozone Generator, into a HIGH Quality A.C. Surge Supressor Power Strip (i.e. - Tripp Lite), if you haven't ALREADY done so.

3. (1) Remove the Cork from the Funnel of your BIOREGENE Nebulizer. (2) Open the bottle of Tea Tree Oil (or Eucalyptus Oil - Lungs), and pour the Oil SLOWLY through the Funnel, and STOPPING when an Oil Level of 1/8"-1/4" (and NO MORE) has been reached at the bottom of your BIOREGENE Nebulizer. (3) Push the Cork into the Funnel GENTLY, but SNUGLY.
NOTE: You can also use other Aromatic/Essential Oils (i.e. - Pine Needle, Thyme, Lavender - Nerves, Rosemary - Brain or Lemon - Children) or even the POWERFUL Aromatic/Essential Oil Combination - AIR DETOX.

4. Push one end of the 6 ft. Section of Blue Silicone Tubing onto the Ozone Outlet of your Ozone Generator, if you haven't ALREADY done so.

5. Flip, rock, push or turn the Power Switch to turn your Ozone Generator "ON".
NOTE: There should NOW be an odor of Ozone, coming from the OPEN end of the 6 ft. Section of Silicone Tubing, thus ensuring that your Ozone Generator is OPERATING properly.

6. Connect the opposite OPEN end of the 6 ft. Section of Silicone Tubing onto the inlet of the Bleeder Valve (VDS 2 kit) or Pinch Valve (VDS 3 kit), that has a 6" Section of semi-clear Silicone Tubing connected to the other side, which has it's opposite end connected to the inlet (bottom) of your BIOREGENE Nebulizer.

7. (1) Hold your Glass BIOREGENE Nebulizer upright with either your right or left Hand, point the Outlet either to left or right. (2) Observe the small Glass Capillary Tubes inside. (3) Turn the Bleeder Valve knob or Pinch Valve knob clockwise SLOWLY with your opposite hand, while observing the Oil rising up and into the right-angled Capillary Tube. (4) And STOP, when the barely-visible OZOL vapor streams steadily FORWARD, but NOT downward from the outlet of your BIOREGENE Nebulizer.
NOTE: If one or both of your Lungs are infected, are asthmatic or have an ABNORMAL Growth, then adjust the Bleeder Valve knob or Pinch Valve knob, so that the Essential Oil [preferably Eucalyptus or AIR DETOX Essential Oil Combination (Eucalyptus - lungs & Citrus Oils - mood lifting)], being used, generates a strongly visible OZOL Vapor streams steadily FORWARD, but NOT downward from the outlet of your BIOREGENE Nebulizer. Then the larger OZOL Vapor Particles, which are generated, will remain longer in your Lungs, before they go through the lung tissue into the bloodstream.
Do NOT allow the Ozone/Air mixture flowing from the OPEN outlet of the Bleeder Valve or Pinch Valve to blow against the Skin, since a STRONG burning sensation will result.
The Radio Shack Stand & Clamp (33-370 & 33-372) should be purchased, so that your BIOREGENE Nebulizer can be held UPRIGHT and semi-permanently during your OZOL Inhalation Therapy Treatment and so that you can also EASILY see inside of your BIOREGENE Nebulizer, while adjusting the Bleeder Valve knob or Pinch Valve knob.

8. (1) Hold your BIOREGENE Nebulizer upright with the Outlet pointing towards and about 1 inch away from, but NOT in your Mouth. (2) Exhale FULLY and SLOWLY. (3) Pucker your Lips like you're sucking through a straw. (4) Inhale the OZOL Vapor DEEPLY and SLOWLY (hold for 5-10 secs.), thus ensuring that the OZOL Vapor will MORE EFFICIENTLY be absorbed through the Lung Tissue into the Bloodstream. (5) Exhale FULLY and SLOWLY. (6) Repeat (3) thru (6) twice. (7) Breathe the OZOL Vapor NORMALLY now through your Mouth and/or your Nose about 6 inches away from the Outlet. (8) Hold your Breath for 5 - 10 seconds (after each 5 breaths). (9) Exhale FULLY and SLOWLY. (10) Continue the Breathing Sequence [(7) thru (9)] until you get light-headed or until you Cough (10 - 60 mins.), ensuring that the OZOL Vapor FULLY saturates your Body. (11) STOP your Therapy Session. (12) Rest 1/2 hr..
NOTE: Do (1) thru (5) 12 - 15 times, SKIPPING (6) thru (12), when you're in a HURRY, but do this Method NO MORE than 2 - 3 times per week.
The Essential Oil in the Reservoir becomes THICK after 2 - 4 days, and should be poured into a Container and then refrigerated, so that this Ozonated Oil can be used for Topical Skin Conditions later. Your BIOREGENE Nebulizer should be soaked and cleaned CAREFULLY with White Vinegar. If the White Vinegar doesn't dissolve the Oil Residue, you'll NEED to use PURE Grain Alcohol (i.e. - White Rum or Vodka) as a solvent instead.

9. Flip, rock, push or turn the Power Switch the opposite way to turn your Ozone Generator "OFF", when you've COMPLETED your OZOL Inhalation Therapy Session.

10. Drink the following ingredients 1/2 hr. after you've COMPLETED your OZOL Inhalation Therapy Session: 1 tbl.- Lecithin, 500 mgs. - Vitamin C (Ester C) and 8 oz. FRESH Fruit Juice, thus ensuring that the Body will absorb the OZOL Vapor MORE EFFICIENTLY.

11. (1) Do Experimental OZOL Inhalation Therapy twice/day [8A.M. & 8P.M. or 12P.M. & 12 A.M. (+1hr.) - 6 Days/ON & 1 Day/OFF - very IMPORTANT]. (2) Take your Temperature twice/day - VERY IMPORTANT, using the Digital Thermometer & Temperature Log Sheet. (3) Continue for 3 weeks (18 Days/ON & 2 Days/OFF=20 Days - TOTAL). (4) Take 1 week/OFF - VERY IMPORTANT, since the Immune System must have time to REST and READJUST.
NOTE: If your Temperature STABILIZES at 98.6F., during the 1 week/OFF, then proceed on to Step (5), otherwise you must start over again at Step (1). (5) Decrease Therapy Sessions to twice each day/once every 3 days for 16 weeks, then twice each day/once every 7 days for 15 weeks (maintenance), and lastly once/day & once/month thereafter (prevention).

NOTE: If you EVER feel EXTRA pressure in your Lungs, then you must DISCONTINUE your OZOL Therapy Session IMMEDIATELY, allowing this EXTRA pressure to DISSIPATE within 1 - 2 hrs.. OZONE AMPLIFIES the effects of Drugs &/or Supplements, INCREASING Cellular Absorption, so that the USUAL Dosages should be REDUCED. According to F.D.A. Regulations, OZONE Treatments should NOT be performed, if ANY of these Conditions are present: Intoxication, recent Heart Attack, recent Bleeding, Pregnancy, Hyperthyroidism, Spasms (Cramps), Thrombosis, &/or an Ozone Allergy. Please expect Detox Reactions, including Fever, Headaches, Cramps, Diarrhea, Nausea, Rash, Scratchy Eyes, &/or General Malaise, due to Oxidative and Reactive Effects of OZONE. DISCONTINUE your Therapy Sessions TEMPORARILY (1 day ONLY), if these Reactions become TOO UNBEARABLE for you and/or take EXTRA Amounts of Activated Charcoal Powder Slurry. Also, TUNE into your Body MORE CLOSELY, during each of your OZOL Inhalation Therapy Sessions to determine the SATURATION Level of OZOL Vapor in your Body [see Step 8 - (10)].
If you're a smoker, your Lungs are VERY COATED with tars, resins and nicotine, plus other TOXINS, so instead of the Ozone (O3) in the OZOL (C10H18O3) Vapor going directly through the Lung Tissue into your Bloodstream, it will oxidize these TOXINS first. You can still do the OZOL Inhalation Therapy, but you're going to cough hardily, since your Body wants to ELIMINATE these now-oxidized TOXINS from your Lungs!
Place the North Pole/Negative (-) Polarity Side of a 4" X 6" Ceramic Magnet on the Skin/Clothing over the Lung Area of the Body to INCREASE the absorption of the OZOL through the Lung Tissue and then into the Bloodstream.

Revised 11/25/14