VAPOZONE Detox System II™ - Facts
Tom Harrelson Revised 12/28/11
  1. The VAPOZONE Detox System II™ is an Ozone Therapy Kit, which can be used to do OZOL Inhalation Therapy and ozonate Water, plus various Ozone Healing Therapies (see User's Manual).
  2. The VAPOZONE Detox System II™ utilizes the NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator, which is NOT a Medical Ozone Generator. The NATURE-KLEEN uses a Solid-State Circuit to generate a High-Voltage "COLD-CORONA" Field, and an Air Dryer (250 gm.) to LOWER the Moisture of the Input Air, so that VERY LOW Amounts of Nitrogen Oxides are produced.
  3. The NATURE-KLEEN Ozone Generator produces an 8 oz. glass of FULLY Ozone-Saturated Water in 60 seconds. This Water, if drunk within 5-10 mins. after Ozonization, brings up the Partial Pressure of Oxygen (PO2) Level in the Arterial Blood to ALMOST 100% in just a FEW SHORT minutes!
    NOTE: One of my Customers, who had C.F.S., and who hadn't worked in several years, bought one of my EXTREMELY LOW Output (5 mg./hr.) Ozone Units, and drank Ozonated Water, instead of Tap Water, for 8 months. She then called and told me, that her Health had improved so DRAMATICALLY, that she didn't even feel like the SAME Person ANYMORE and was moving to Florida to start a WHOLE NEW Life!! Some Researchers in Germany have said that they have found that even VERY LOW Amounts of Ozone work homeopathically in the Body.
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