The "Nitric Oxide" Issue
Tom Harrelson
(Revised 4/20/16)

When functioning properly with NO interference from outside, your Body is ABLE to perform it's functions QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY, and then, if NEED be, return to NORMAL, just as QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY! For example, whenever an Infection occurs, your Body's Immune System swings into ACTION, producing Nitric Oxide, that ENABLES your Body's White Blood Cells to ATTACK invading Micro-Organisms at the site of Infection.

However, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, once this job is DONE, your Body REMOVES the Nitric Oxide VERY QUICKLY in just a few seconds, because it's HIGHLY TOXIC to your HEALTHY Cell Tissues! If the Body, for whatever reason, does NOT REMOVE the Nitric Oxide, that it produces VERY QUICKLY, then the EXCESS Nitric Oxide can ADVERSELY AFFECT your Joints and Muscles! Therefore, since the EXCESS Nitric Oxide can be HARMFUL, ALL of us should try to AVOID ANY Environment, where there is an EXCESS of Nitric Oxide Gas!!

EXCESSIVE Amounts of Nitrogen Oxide Compounds, Nitric Oxide being one of them that becomes Nitric Acid, when it combines with the Moisture in the Air, is generated by the following COMMON sources: Copiers, Faxes, Electrical Motors, and Laser Printers. Also MOST Negative Ionizers, which generate Negative Ions and MOST Ozone Air Purifiers, which generate Ozone (O3) to purify the Air, produce LOW to HIGH Amounts of these HARMFUL Nitrogen Oxide Compounds. The amount of Nitric Oxide, being generated by a particular Air Purifier, depends on the specific Electrical Field (Cold Corona, Radio Frequency, Ultra-Violet or Cold Plasma), being used to generate Ozone (O3) and/or HIGHER Molecules of Oxygen (O4 - O10).

The Travel-Kleen™ Ozone Water Purifier & Food Sanitizer, that is used in the VAPOZONE Detox System II and the Ozotech Poseidon 220™ Ozone Generator, that is used in the VAPOZONE Detox System III, generates a "COLD-CORONA" Field to produce Ozone (O3), containing LOW Amounts (less than 1%) of Nitrogen Oxide Compounds!

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