Therapeutic Methods Of Applying OZONE
Compiled By Tom Harrelson
1. Auto-Hemotherapies:
a. Minor
b. Major

2. Injections:
a. Intra-arterial
b. Intra-articular
c. Intra-cutaneous
d. Intra-muscular
e. Intra-venous
f. Subcutaneous
g. Direct - Tumor
h. Portal Vein

3. Sub-atmospheric Treatment:
a. Local-

(1) Bag

4. External Body Applications:
a. Local-

(1) Hood
(2) Bag - Limb
(3) Funnel - Cupping
b. Total-
(1) Body Suit
(2) Hyberbaric Chamber
5. Insufflations:
a. Bladder
b. Ear
c. Rectum
d. Uterine
e. Vagina

6. Hydro Body Applications:
a. Bath
b. Shower
c. Sauna
d. Steam Cabinet
e. Enema - Intestines
f. Douche - Vagina
g. Oral/Dental (Drinking, gargling, &/or rinsing)

7. Inhalation Therapy:
a. Oral/Nasal (Body detoxification)

8. Topical Applications:
a. Rub (burns, lesions, rashes, scars, &/or wounds)
b. Massage (pain, soreness, tension, &/or deep lymphatic massage)

9. Extracorporeal Application:
a. Polyatomic Apheresis

NOTE: Nos. 1 & 2 represent the use of Ozone without humidification. Nos. 3, 4, & 5 represent the use of humidified Ozone. No. 6 represents the use of Ozone diffused in water. No. 7 represents the use of Ozone atomized with Glycerine or Essential/Aromatic Oils (i.e. - Pine Needle, Thyme, Eucalyptus &/or Tea Tree) or Food-Grade Plant Oils (i.e. - Organic Extra Virgin Olive or Sunflower). No. 8 represents the use of Ozone diffused in Food-Grade Plant Oils (i.e. - Organic Extra Virgin Olive or Sunflower), Aloe Vera Gel or Glycerine. No. 9 represents the MOST POWERFUL use of Ozone (see Synopsis below).

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OZONE Fact Sheet No. 3 - Medical (Revised 7/31/03)