VAPOZONE Detox System II™ - Background
Tom Harrelson
(Revised 7/7/13)

While I was researching Oxygen Therapies over 20 years ago, after taking a FDA FORCED Hiatus from building and selling my WAVEFORMER Rife-Type Frequency Instruments, I came across a short article in the Now What # 2 Newsletter about Dr. William D. Neel of Chicago, who had developed a SPECIAL method at the turn of the last century, that could get 10 times MORE Ozone (O3) into the Lungs, than had EVER been done before that time!! He had found that if a terpene oil or oils (Pine Needle, Thyme, &/or Eucalyptus Oil - I now HIGHLY recommend Tea Tree Oil), was atomized with an Ozone (O3)/air mixture, that the Ozone (O3) would combine with the terpene molecules in the aromatic oil to form an UNSTABLE terpene gas, which he called OZOL (C10H18O3). He then found that the OZOL Vapor would go DIRECTLY through the Lung Tissue WITHOUT causing an oxidation reaction! Dr. Homer Clark Bennett of Lima, Ohio, who had furthered Dr. Neel's Research, saw POWERFUL HEALING Results with his SERIOUSLY-ILL Patients, using this OZOL Inhalation Therapy!

After reading this VERY INTERESTING article, I REALLY wanted to build my own OZOL Generator, so that I could VERIFY their Ozone research, but I needed MORE documentation on this subject. I tracked down a book entitled, "Electro-Therapeutic Guide", mentioned in this article and written by Dr. Homer Clark Bennett, in the historical archives of the Health Sciences Library at O.S.U.. After I read just a SMALL portion of an article entitled, "Oxidizing the Blood", I became STRONGLY AWARE by inspiration from GOD, that this POWERFUL Healing Therapy would SAVE lives!! It was then that I was PROMPTED to tell this to the librarian, who, after hearing what I had to say, gave me SPECIAL Permission to copy this particular article and another one entitled, "Oxidation: Pure Blood and Disease Strangers to Each Other".

Within one week, I had started to getting the Components together to build my own OZOL Generator, and since I have a Background as an Herbalist and a Bio-Medical Electronics Technician (30+ yrs.), I also wanted to IMPROVE the OLDER OZOL Generator Design and PERFECT the protocol for the OZOL Inhalation Therapy! I built my own Ultra-Violet Lamp Ozone Generator, but was STILL looking for an EFFICIENT Nebulizer (Atomizer). Later, I went to the Pharmaceutical Library at O.S.U. and found a Book entitled "Microaerosols". The author, who was from Belgium, had been doing Inhalation Therapy research, and found that the Nebulizer was MOST EFFICIENT, if it could atomize the Vapor Particles down to a .01 micron (one-millionth of a meter) diameter, so that these particles could go DIRECTLY through the Lung Tissue into the Bloodstream without RESTRICTION. I found that the Nebulizers, which are being made today for Respiratory (Inhalation) Therapy were made of plastic, and because of their composition they would MELT, when an Essential Oil was used! And not only that, the size of the vapor particles are VERY LARGE (1-20 microns)! So then I REALLY started looking for and by INSPIRATION found the BIOREGENE Nebulizer, which was being used in the Aromatherapy Field and which MATCHED the RIGID specifications (.01 micron - vapor particle size), that was found to be OPTIMAL from the Nebulizer research in the book entitled, "Microaerosols"!

While using my U-V Ozone Generator, I found that the Ozone output was HIGHER (250 mg/hr) than NEEDED to do the OZOL Inhalation Therapy, and that there was an OPTIMAL amount of Ozone, that was NEEDED to combine with the Terpene molecules in the essential oil(s) to make the OZOL vapor. I then found that I could accomplish this by using a SPECIAL air valve that would bleed-off some of the Ozone/Air mixture. After that, I also found that my U-V Ozone Unit was TOO BULKY, and so I started looking for a minature Ozone Generator, and then I by INSPIRATION found the Electronic Ozonizer in the Aquarium Industry! It had the NEEDED LOWER Ozone Output (20 mg./hr.), which was MORE SUITABLE to do the OZOL Inhalation Therapy, using the BIOREGENE Nebulizer and an adjustable air pump.

In between time though, while using my U-V unit, I was really seeing WONDERFUL Results, working with several individuals, who had SERIOUS health problems! And since then, the Electronic Ozonizer has been used for the OZOL Inhalation Therapy, and I've seen and also heard MANY POWERFUL Healing Results with SERIOUSLY-ILL People! I've also now developed a MORE EFFICIENT protocol, using others' Suggestions and my own findings over the past 20 years.
NOTE: I'm now using the TRAVEL KLEEN Ozonator for my NEW version of the OZOL Generator, which I NOW call the VAPOZONE Detox System II™.

About 15 years ago, the OZOL Inhalation Therapy was REALLY put to the Acid Test! At the time, I went to an Alternative Cancer Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, and worked with a young Man from the U.S., who had Lung Cancer, and who was coughing up Blood EVERY 30-60 seconds!! The Doctors had told me that he had a VERY SEVERE Lung Infection, which they had felt was probably going to KILL him, before his Lung Cancer did!! When he started doing the OZOL Inhalation Therapy, he started obtaining WONDERFUL Results in ONLY a FEW Inhalations of the OZOL Vapor, STOPPING his coughing, except for an occasional light cough!! The OZOL Vapor STOPPED his Infection, and then worked on HELPING him to start RECOVERY from his Lung Cancer!! At that time, I had worked with over 30 SERIOUSLY-ILL People, who did the OZOL Inhalation Therapy, obtaining INCREDIBLE healing results!!

I found that my Ozone Generator Setup could be used in MANY other ways to DETOX and HEAL, than just doing the OZOL Inhalation Therapy. Some of these other uses were found by experimentation, by those with whom I was working, by other Researchers and also by myself, so that I called my NEW OZOL Generator Outfit, the VAPOZONE Detox System™. And recently, I've UPDATED the VAPOZONE Detox System™ to the VAPOZONE Detox System II™.

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