BASIC 3 Program
Compiled By Tom Harrelson
Revised 8/25/12

The following has been taken from the FAMOUS "INCURABLES" Program of Dr. Richard Schulze.

    A. Colon Cleansing -
        (1) Laxative - Intestinal Formula No. 1
        (2) Cleanser - Intestinal Formula No. 2
        (3) High Enema
    B. Activated Charcoal Powder -
        (1) Internal - Slurry
        (2) External - Poultice
    C. Garlic

    A. Cayenne Pepper Tincture
    B. Skin Brushing
    C. HOT & COLD Water Therapy

    A. Juice Fasting
    B. SuperFood
    C. Potassium Broth
    D. Slippery Elm Gruel

NOTE: For EXTREME TOXIC Conditions, the COLD SHEET Treatment should also be done.
It would be IDEAL to do Schulze's FULL-BLOWN "INCURABLES" Program. The BASIC 3 Program can be used by those people, who have heavy RESTRICTIONS with their finances.

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